February 2009

Reinventing Health Care

Excerpts from an Atlantic discussion featuring leaders in health policy and practice.

South Side Story

Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses Michelle Obama with an outspoken publisher and former Black Panther—his father.

Dispatch: The Annotated Inaugural

James Fallows, a former presidential speech writer, offers an in-depth look at Obama’s first address. COMING SOON

The Issues: The Economy, Health Care, Foreign Policy, and More

Experts debate where we stand and what needs to change. READ MORE

February 2009
Time Capsule: The Bush Years

Readers are invited to submit mementos—from quotes to videos to books to movies—that best capture the essence of the Bush years. read more

From the Archives: The Bush Years

Reports and commentary by James Fallows, Mark Bowden, Christopher Hitchens, Pat Buchanan, Robert D. Kaplan, and others. read more

From the January/February Issue
January/February Cover

The End of White America?

Culturally, America is already post-white. Demographically, we’re headed there, too.

By Hua Hsu

American Girl

The radical normalcy of Michelle Obama

By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Race Over?

An inside look at how the Obama campaign tackled the thorniest issue of all

By Marc Ambinder

Map: Then and Now

How has America changed since 2000?

By Timothy Lavin

The Founders’ Great Mistake

The true culprits behind the excesses of the Bush presidency

By Garrett Epps

The Silenced Majority

The filibuster is obstructive, anachronistic, and undemocratic. It's time to kill it off for good. [WEB-ONLY]

By Matthew Yglesias

The Man in the Middle

What Chuck Schumer thinks he knows about the middle class; a profile

By Joshua Green

Small World

Market crashes are inevitable, but financial innovation and globalization have massively increased our vulnerability to them. Unless we make big regulatory changes—changes on a global scale—we should prepare for more years like this one. [WEB-ONLY]

By Clive Crook